saucenight: it would be cool if you did a 'seven deadly sins' graceland meme or something like that!

that a cool idea!!

sandcastles7: Do you know where I could find full episodes for free? Ps I love the name of your blog :)

hey um i dont know because i torrent them but maybe my followers do

also thanks!!

theredkiwii: Could you gif the last scene between Charlie and Briggs? Thanks :)

yep sure!

Anonymous: do you have a PSD or anything your colouring is always on point

hey thanks!! um i don’t have like a one specific psd, i use about 3 psds (not mine) that i just mix and adjust and stuff.. um basically these




most of the time i use the first one though and then change the curves thing and maybe color balance and then i also add the second psd but only keep the second selective color layer i dont know if u understood what i mean but yeah thats how i do it

Anonymous: Thank for being a part of the Paige Arkin defense squad. She's gotten far too much hate recently.

yesss always

you almost had me.


to h o m e and the people that matter. // graceland used to be a safe haven, you know? for all of us. i don’t know when, but we l o s t that.

1x12 // 2x10

meganisagirl: we have to get usa's attention to save the show. they haven't renewed it yet for season 3.

yeahh i know

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nah she’s not