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johnny week
     ↳ day one: a scene that made him your fave
johnny week
     ↳ day two: johnny + friendship
johnny week
     ↳ day four: favourite quote

this is just an e c h o;

johnny week
     ↳ day six: favourite thing about johnny
                      “ain’t nothing wrong with a little sunshine


i really hope that if in s3 of graceland they take the mike faking his death route that when he finally comes back to graceland it’ll be like that one time when mike thought johnny was dead and johnny comes running to mike and he’s crying and he hugs him really tight and mike says “dude is that a tear? im touched. you really thought i was dead?” and just smirks like the dweeb he is and johnny punches him or something and they laugh a little and then johnny hugs him so tight he can’t get away

johnny week
     ↳ day seven: anything
shadesofsky: oh my god, it would absolutely be johnny. like someone would give the case to mike and he'd be hesitant like "uh...i wasn't trained for this at the academy..." but before he could even accept or decline, johnny would be like "SHIT SON, I got this! I was BORN for this."

omg im so down for this